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Orders using Cash on Delivery

In order to cater to supplier requirements and to ensure swift delivery, Cash on delivery is currently offered only for orders below Rs 10000.

Why does my correspondence show FUJ Enterprises and not DealCity? is a project of FUJ Enterprises, a company registered per company ordinance with an active NTN 7965998-8 that can be verified at FBR website. Hence, in some correspondence with our partners, you may occasionally see the name used interchangeably. When you see FUJ Enterprises, you can reliably make a payment, knowing it is reaching DealCity.

Why is there an additional charge on payment page?

We work with multiple payment service providers to offer you as many options as possible. Due to the relative infancy of online payment options, these services unfortunately come at a cost. These charges are included by the payment processor and not DealCity. Wherever possible, we highlight this during the order process to ensure maximum transparency.

Are prices on the product page final?

No, you can often get a more discounted price when you select a product and reach the payment page. Our payment partners often offer discounts that we transfer to our clients. This means you can see the final discounted price on the payment page while checking out.

How do I avail the best discounts?

As explained earlier, we work with multiple payment partners and we transfer discounts offered by payment partners to our precious customers, i.e. you. You are advised to use the payment method that offers the most discount. Signing up with one of the payment partners is often an easy and smooth experience, so you can spare some time to sign up for the payment option that offers the lowest price.

What do I need to do if I wish to return an item?

For items eligible for return, you can use the same box and our shipping address listed on our site to ship us the product. Refund will be processed as soon as the product is received, however it may take up to 15 working days to reach your account. We appreciate your patience in the meanwhile.

What method of payment can I use?

Currently we accept payments through Direct Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, JazzCash and FonePay. If you want to use a Debit/Credit card, you can sign up and register your card with FonePay App for free. You can also pay using your credit card through Jazzcash on the payment stage. Both of these methods are among the most secure and reliable micro-payment platforms in Pakistan.

Bank Details:

Name: Habib Bank Limited

Account Title: FUJ Enterprises

Account Number: 2273-79809839-03

IBAN: PK08HABB0022737980983903

Can I cancel, amend or add to an order?

You are recommended not to cancel the order, but just place an additional order or contact support. If you believe your ordered products can be packaged in one box, you can reach out to our support to have the orders merged.

Can I get items delivered overseas?

Sorry but we currently only deliver inside Pakistan.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Our utmost attempt is to ship all products within 24-48 hours of order being verified. We use reliable and fast courier providers to reduce any delay on top of that as much as possible. Typically it can take 2-5 working days for delivery. Smaller items and closer to warehouse items usually get delivered closer to the lower delivery limit.

How much does postage and packing cost?

It depends on the particular product you order. Courier providers charge per volume, weight and speed of delivery, so we try and find the ideal balance for you where a product is not needlessly slow in reaching you and is not charged high for shipping.

How do I know my money is safe?

We are a registered business, based in Islamabad. Our NTN number and address are both listed on our website.

Will you save my credit card?

At this point in time, we do not save credit card numbers. This means your card is only used for a transaction and then it is back in your safe hands only.

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